Complete Healing in Ear

“I just want to testify that the Lord has healed me of a wound in my left ear. I responded to the altar call a couple of months back when Pastor Yang felt the anointing to pray for people with hearing problems. I went up as I had a wound in my left ear for years that was affecting my hearing. Every time I clean my ear, the wound would tear and bleed. Never would it heal properly, but always leaving a scab.

After I went for the altar call, everything remained as it is for about a week or so. I would feel the ear and the wound is still there. Then one day, as I was cleaning my ear, again the wound bled but this time round, it healed completely. Praise God.

I felt that I should testify even as the church presses in for the breakthrough in healing. I thank the Lord for the healing and I thank the pastors and leaders for praying.”

by Ivan Leong