Created Perfect and Whole

When my son, Zion, was born, the doctor heard murmurs in his heart and referred us to a pediatric cardiologist. When I got the news, I was very troubled and prayed to the Lord that everything would be ok. A few days after Zion’s birth, my wife, Megan and I brought him to see the pediatrician. After doing a scan on his heart, she confirmed that Zion had two holes in his heart! She said that the chances of one of his heart, Zion can still live like any other kids, but that did not make us feel any better. We were very worried and felt lost about Zion’s condition. We were worried because the medical fee was very costly (about $500 per visit to the pediatrician), and we didn’t know how this condition will affect our boy’s future.

I started to pray to the Lord for healing as I believe that what He had created is perfect and whole! I shared with the cell group and everyone started to pray for us. As we prayed, I received words of encouragement from them. One said, “God is speaking into his heart!” Another said, “Zion is a miracle baby!” I claimed those words as not just mere words of encouragement, but as promises from God.

Our second visit to the pediatrician was as demoralising as the first. The holes were still there and Zion’s condition did not change. We were told to go back to the pediatrician when Zion turned 3 months. As I drove to the clinic on our third visit to the pediatrician, I turned to Megan in the car and said with a very firm tone that this will be our last visit to the clinic. It will be last time I was going to pay that $500! I felt faith arise when I said that!

At the clinic, Megan and I prayed while waiting for the doctor to come. We sensed God’s peace in the room. The doctor came and scanned Zion again, and observed that the first hole had closed! As she scanned the second one, we could see her eyes opened even wider with surprise. Not convinced, she scanned the Zion’s heart a second time. I whispered to Megan, “She doesn’t need to scan any more. Zion is healed!” The doctor turned and told us that the second hole in the heart became smaller! At the moment, Megan and I wanted so much to jump with joy!

We brought Zion back to the clinic for a review when he turned one. I was quite reluctant as I believed that our Mighty Healer had healed him! The doctor later confirmed that the 2 holes were closed! Zion is now four years old, and is a healthy and active boy. We are so grateful for God’s faithfulness and goodness in his life! Glory to our King!

by Daniel Tang