Even Just a Simple Cold

My family had been sick for about a week mostly with flu. I had some symptoms of a cold throughout the week and only on Saturday night did it become a full fledged cold with aches and a very runny nose. This was the condition I was in on Sunday morning and I actually had planned to go to the doctors on Monday, take an MC and stay home to rest. But when the healing altar call was made, I thought “why not just try”. There really wasn’t anything special, no goose bumps, no special sensation. I had been believing God for healing for my children and now I believed God for healing for myself.

After the prayer, I didn’t feel tired or achy anymore and my nose had dried up completely. So it was just a simple cold, but praise the Lord for His healing!

After I got home, I received an sms from my colleague who said that he had flu and was taking MC on Monday. So praise God that I’m much better because one of us has to be on duty everyday.

by Dennis Ong