God Blessed Us with a Child

My husband and I have been trying for a child for about four years. Every month was like an emotional roller coaster because I always hoped that I would miss my period. Whenever my period came, I would feel sad and ask God why He has not blessed us with a child yet. Perhaps as a woman, the desire of wanting a child might have been more intense. Hence, I had many thoughts running through my head to comfort myself, such as, “Perhaps God does not desire us to have children”, “Is there something I did not do, that is why I am unable to conceive yet?” or “If God wants to bless us with a child, then let it be in His time.”

However, I started listening to sermons speaking about our opinions of God. From there, I realised that my previous thoughts were doubts about God’s ability to bless us with a child and had taken a laid back approach in believing God for one. I changed my prayer and began to thank God for the child that He would bless us with and told Him that we look forward to seeing our baby. It was a battlefield in my mind because the enemy would constantly challenge my opinion about God and His promise in blessing us with a child, in which I overcame by declaring out-loud that God is good and He will fulfil His promise.

In early April 2012, my husband and I were preparing for our mission trip to Central America with Global Awakening in May 2012. I told God that it would be nice if I was pregnant this month, even though I was going on a mission trip! Then a thought came to me, saying that I would not be pregnant. I felt discouraged when I had that thought, but then I realised that it is not the nature or character of Jesus to deposit such discouraging thoughts in us. Instead, Jesus would always encourage His children in the gospel. So I knew that thought did not come from Jesus. Hence, I rejected the thought and declared out loud that Jesus will bless us with a child. On 28 April 2012, I found out that I was pregnant! And yes, I still went ahead with my mission trip when I was 7-week pregnant as God impressed upon me that He would take care of everything that is in my body! And He did, God is good.

This journey has made me learned that having a good opinion of Jesus is so important and we need to declare it with our mouth to overcome the enemy’s discouragement. We hope that this testimony has been a blessing to you.

by Ginny Khoo