God Healed My Son

I want to thank God for healing my son, Joshua.

For many months, he had something that looked like a pimple on the skin near his left eyebrow. It had a whitehead but we could not scratch it off. A needle was required to prick it, but since it looked harmless, we just left it as that.

Recently, the “pimple” became inflamed and swelled to the size of his thumb. The lump was hard and painful to touch, and Joshua subsequently developed a fever. We brought him to see the doctor, who diagnosed it to be a dermoid cyst and advised us to bring Joshua to K.K. Hospital for the removal of the cyst.

Believing that God heals, my husband brought Joshua to the altar area after Sunday service to receive prayers for healing. During the week itself, on Thursday evening, the lump started to “burst” and we managed to “squeeze” out the pus and blood. The lump greatly reduced in size. On the following Tuesday, the lump bled again and we managed to drain out the final residual of what remained.

Today, the lump is completely gone. We want to praise God for the healing.


by Esther Look