God’s Intervention Saved My Life

In early April 2009, whilst my wife Audrey was praying the Lord gave her a picture of a human heart. She enquired of the Lord what this meant – and the Lord told her in a very clear voice – this is your husband’s heart and it needs attention! She enquired further – what attention should I give to my husband? The Lord said to her – MEDICAL ATTENTION!

Now, I had just returned from Bali from a conference and had played tennis, swam and jogged and work out as I always did religiously. i was fit of my age, running 3 to 4 km 3about 3 times a week and in the gym twice and playing tennis at least once a week. Apart from mild high blood pressure and being a little overweight I thought I was fairly okay for my age of 52. My wife shared this with me and I made appointments for tests. Meanwhile we were also preparing for the Cornerstone Run (5km) on 1st May.

Anyway, one test lead to another and I was told I needed an angiogram which was done on 30th April which revealed a 90% block of the left main coronary artery. We were told that this condition is called the “widow maker” There were also other blocked arteries but not as severe. He even spoke to my wife that we needed to proceed with surgery, as we were given an option of medical treatment. Open heart surgery was therefore immediately scheduled and instead of running at the CSCC run, at which I could have collapsed and died, I had 4-vessel coronary bypass surgery that day! Thank God all went well as we had many prayer warriors as my wife informed those close to us.

By the 5th post operative day, I was home and had even gone back to the office to sort things out 10 days after surgery! The recovery was far faster than expected. Truly the Lord spoke and revealed to us what was impending and we could avert it as we heeded the revelation. The Lord preserved my life, kept our family together and we rejoice with each passing year.

One year after that in 2010, I completed the 5km CSCC under 30 minutes rejoicing with every step I took. Now I have lost about 15kg, (my wife wants another 5kg off me! ) and my blood pressure and lipids have been reduced significantly. Surely God is good always! My family learned to allow God to work out the process of hearing, obeying and having faith in heeding His direction. May you be blessed with this testimony.

by Yang Tuck Loong

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