He Knows Our Needs

Since 2003, I had prayed for 3 years, without any answer from God, to lengthen my left leg which was slightly shorter than my right. The imbalance gave me much pain everyday, and last April, a pastor Surina prayed over my leg and it lengthened. I thought it was fully healed. However, a week later, I realised that the healing was still not complete and I still experienced pain in my right thigh. I thought that maybe I should be satisfied since God had already improved the situation.

Last month, there had been preachers speaking about claiming the fullness of God’s blessing, not settling down and being satisfied with a little improvement to situations. So a week before the church camp, I told God that if I had to pray another 3 years, I would do it.

During the camp, the thought of asking for God’s healing didn’t come across my mind. In the first workshop session with Sarah Yang, the presence of God was strong and I had stayed back with Sarah Yang’s team till 5pm to continue in God’s Presence.

As I was beholding the beauty of Jesus, the power of God came upon me. My shoulders, neck and face experienced an electricity sensation. I also felt the electricity on my left leg and that was unusual. When the session finished, I remembered my left leg and thought maybe God had healed it. I compared it to my right leg and it was longer! I also walked around to confirm it. God had really continued His healing on it.

It is amazing that God heals like this and remembers my left leg even when I had completely forgotten about it. God knows all our needs even when we forget them.

On 9 December 2007, God completed the lengthening of my left leg.

I had invited one of my professors to the Chinese service since he’s from China. He told me he was free, but the night before, he fell sick. So I went for the usual English service.

It was during the service that this healing took place. My left leg is slightly shorter than my right and the imbalance gives me frequent back pains. In June, I did testify that God had lengthened the same leg. However, it was a partial healing and after a few days I realised that there was still a little bit more length to go before my pelvis would be balanced.

Toward the end of his message, the preacher (who just finished speaking at the Cornerstone youth camp) declared that there was at the altar, a spiritual pool of Bedestha and that those who needed healing should come and desire to be healed and not be content with the affliction they have. So during the alter call, I went and I knelt and prayed telling God in faith that this is a simple thing for him to do. Nobody came to pray for me. In those moments I thought I was having muscle ache as I had ran the night before. But when I stood up, I immediately felt a difference to my balance and when I compared the lengths of the legs, both were now equal! This is actually the third time in 2 years He has done lengthening on my leg. And finally it is complete! My leg muscles are still out of shape with all the reliance on the right leg for the last 9 years. But I tell you, this 3-part miraculous healing has really built my faith in God. Even in healing, it is done His way and not how we think it should be done.

Really, such things are simple to God, it is only a question of how big we perceive Him to be!

by Kevin Tan