He Knows

When people heard I got pregnant one month after our wedding, many exclaimed “You are so fertile!” But the truth cannot be further than this.

I was diagnosed with pre-term menopause at the tender age of about 22 years old. Many factors caused this condition but basically, I was mentally prepared to never be a mother. Even before I got married in 2010, I considered the possibility of adoption with my then-fiancé, Joe. He didn’t say anything but to just pray.

Here’s a little background on Joe and myself. We were both backsliders, till we started dating each other. We visited various churches and it took us about 2 years to make Cornerstone our home church. God did not abandon us. Instead, he accelerated our spiritual growth. Within a span of one year, we joined a cell, attended MPC, Christianity 101 class and even got water-baptised together. Two months after the baptism, a miracle happened! I had my first menses in 10 years! This was just about six months before our wedding. Even though the cycle was still irregular leading up to our wedding, at least there was no more barrenness! And the Lord is just and faithful, to bless us with a baby right after our marriage! And he gave us so quickly so that I may share of this miracle to people!

Kyra Glory, our daughter, is nothing short of a miracle. Her name came about when we had a baby scare in my fifth month of pregnancy. I went through a series of tests for down syndrome and the doctor advised that the probability of her being diagnosed with the illness was high. Doctor mentally prepared us, not for an abnormal baby, but for abortion, should she turn out to be one. I was crushed! I questioned Lord “Why did you give and then take away?”

The three weeks leading up to the test result were the most devastating time of my life. We were at our highest point in life, only to be taken to depths of hell. Is this the “miracle” God gave me? Is he playing a joke on me? I just testified for him and now everyone’s going to laugh at me and Him! My husband and I prayed hard. I have never prayed harder in my life. We reached a conclusion one day before we received the medical report – We will keep this baby no matter what. We will go against the doctor’s advice to abort and our own fears (e.g. how to raise an abnormal child) and glorify what God has given us, a life. In obedience, we submitted everything. It was the most liberating decision I have ever made. Suddenly, I had no fear, no sadness and no ill thoughts, because I know He is with us. Our faith was tested like never before, and it’s through our daughter Kyra Glory!

Amidst our sorrow during that time, our cell group members, our spiritual family, was with us every step of the way. They prayed for our next generation and reminded us not to just pray for an ordinary and normal child but to expect an extraordinary child, the first baby of our cell group, the one who’ll be the symbol of the generations to come. They fasted for us and there was a breakthrough! When we received the good news of a healthy report, we know it was the result of endless prayers. God had heard our fervent prayers and He answered.

Our daughter is now a cute chubby five-month old baby. She is a godsend and she is extraordinary. Now we are going to have another addition to our cell group. A fellow cell couple are now expecting their first born! This will be a season of life and fruitfulness! We hope this testimony would encourage fellow sisters and brothers in Christ who are facing fertility issues. I was a hopeless case, in the eyes of man (doctors, including myself). However, Our God is an awesome God. He is real and he is with those who are with Him. He is a God of Miracle. His ways are so high, we may never know why some things happen and some things don’t. Whether our prayers are answered or not, it’s comforting enough to know He knows.

by Kelly Ho