Healed of Pneumonia

At the end of Dec 2010, I was accompanied by my wife to the A&E department at Changi General Hospital. After feeling very sick, despite seeing a doctor twice and taking medication, I was diagnosed and warded into the hospital for pneumonia.

By 1st January 2011, I was in critical condition and was moved into the ICU ward. By the grace of God and prayers from many friends, my condition stabilized on the following day. But in the process, the doctors discovered that my heart was weak, and the left side of my heart was only operating at 20-25%, which was below the normal rate of 45-55%.

At one my following check-ups, the doctor strongly recommended for me to install an electrical defibrillator, just in case my heart stopped beating. I decided not to take that up and continued with just medication, but the medication started to trigger some side effects in my body, which made working during the day really challenging, and so I decided to stop taking the medication for the heart.

In July 2013, my wife encouraged me to visit the National Heart Center to get a second opinion for my heart condition. The doctor arranged for me to go through an ECG (Electrocardiogram). He then arranged for me to go through an echocardiography scan to confirm the result. Before the scans, I was given a prophetic word from Psalm 73, “Whom have I in heaven but You? And there is none upon earth that I desires besides You. My flesh and my heart fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever!” (Psalms 73:26), and I stood upon that word for my condition. On 17th September 2013, the doctor confirmed that my heart is now operating at the ideal rate of 45-50%.

Praise God for His healing! He alone is worthy!

In His Mercy and Grace

By Vance Low