Healed Physically & Spiritually

Recently, I strained my back muscles so badly that I had great difficulty getting out of bed one morning and even after taking medication, the pain persisted. I asked for prayers for healing and as Pastor Lip Yong laid hands on me and anointed me with oil, I physically felt the Holy Spirit minister to me. The deacon Joshua also received a word for me.

Although the word puzzled both of us, I received it in faith and promised to seek the Lord about it. When the pain persisted, I consulted an orthopaedic surgeon who referred me to a physiotherapist for treatment. On my first appointment, the first word of diagnosis spoken by the physiotherapist was precisely the word of knowledge that the deacon had received and spoken out in faith. After three sessions of physiotherapy within a week, the Holy Spirit completed His work in me.

More importantly, the word of knowledge also had a spiritual application. The Lord had appeared to me in a vision early that Sunday morning and as I sought the Lord, He gave me understanding that the word spoken by the deacon was a confirmation of His message from a different perspective. The Lord graciously healed me spiritually as I yielded to the Holy Spirit. God’s diagnosis is perfect as always, and in His goodness, He not only heals us physically but deals with us spiritually as well. Our God is a good God!

by Hilda Toh