Healing Severe Back Pain

I am writing about the healing that I received on the 3rd May 2015. I had been having back pain intermittently ever since I sprained it a few months prior. For about 2 weeks before the healing, I had been having an exacerbation of the back pain. It was so bad that I could hardly bend, to the extent that even simple actions like pulling up my pants was slow and arduous. I took painkillers while I was working, and had difficulty sleeping at night due to the pain. I started seeing a physiotherapist, who was a friend of mine, and it slowly started to get better.

On the 3rd May, the pain was actually still bad enough for me to require painkillers, and I was sitting upright all the time, in pain, during the Sunday Service at Cornerstone. At the end of the service, there was ministry time for anyone who required healing. At that point in time, I hadn’t accepted Christ yet, and I wasn’t sure what “healing” was all about. I’m a medical doctor by profession, and this to me, was totally unscientific. “Something” told me to give it a try, and my boyfriend Kit went with me. The Healing Ministry Team Leader laid hands on me and started to pray and minister to me. This was my first experience, and I had no idea what was happening. I remember being impressed by the Team Leader’s medical vocabulary, which was very appropriate. Then all of a sudden, I felt very warm, to the point of perspiring, and I was bewildered. It was a rather uncomfortable feeling, and I was hoping the ministry time would stop soon…when it did, the heat suddenly disappeared, and my lower back felt relaxed. I was quite struck by the difference.

After the session, Kit told me that he had actually felt warmth emanating from me while he placed his hands on my lower back. That was amazing, and something I couldn’t explain medically. I mean, maybe I was warm because of the jacket I was wearing, but for someone else to feel that heat externally… that was completely inexplicable. After that, Kit’s cell group leader told me something along the lines of, “I hope this will dispel any last bits of doubt in you about Jesus”. That had a lot of impact on me, because I had been exploring Christianity for a few months prior to this, but had never been convinced enough to accept it. Around the time that I was experiencing the back pain, was also the time when I was maximally frustrated by the internal conflict within me regarding Christianity. I had been hoping for some sign that would convince me that God is real. For the rest of that day, I had no back pain at all. And I kept having this little voice in my head telling me that this is a sign for me, and that if I didn’t recognize and accept this sign for what it was, then I was choosing to be deaf to God’s soft prompting. The conviction got stronger throughout the day as I remained pain-free. That night, I accepted Christ into my life, with the help of Kit, in reciting the sinner’s prayer.

I remained amaze and humbled at my experience of healing, and am extremely grateful to God for His grace in showing me the sign that I asked for, to convince my skeptical secular mind.

By Juliana Thay