Healing Team Testimony

Joshua woke up with an excruciating pain on his neck the day before (on Saturday), and was not able to turn his head to the right. His mom brought him down for prayer, and he showed me the area that was in pain. While praying for him, I felt the warm and gentle love of the Father for this little boy. After a short and simple prayer, I asked him, “How’s your neck?”

He replied, “There’s no more pain.” Not sure if he was just being sweet in saying that, I asked him again, “Are you sure there’s no more pain? It’s ok to let us know if it’s still painful.” He confirmed again by saying the pain had totally left, and in to prove it, he turned his neck to the right! His mom exclaimed in utter surprise, “He hasn’t been able to turn his neck like this since yesterday!”

Submitted by Qiu Wenhui