Miracle Healing in the Brain

I want to give thanks, and praise to God for doing a miracle healing in my brain.

On June 24th, I had a severe pain in my head during the Sunday Service. It was so painful that the church members rushed me to the A&E at Changi Hospital. The scan results then showed that there was bleeding in my brain. So they quickly rushed me to the Tan Tock Seng Hospital which has a Neuro Centre. The doctors told me that my head was swollen and there was massive bleeding in the brain. Immediately, they performed a small surgery to drain the excess fluid and blood that accumulated in my brain, and did an angiogram to look for the source of the bleed.

To their surprise, they could not find the source of the bleeding which would usually be an abnormal blood vessel. They monitored me in the ICU for the next two weeks after which they did another angiogram to see if they could find the source of the bleed. Again, they couldn’t find the source of the bleeding.

During this whole ordeal, the church pastors, leaders, friends, and cell group visited me, and prayed faithfully for me at every point of need, especially when my condition was critical. My wife and I could feel the power of the prayers, and the Lord’s strength and assurance that kept us strong daily. Looking back, my wife and I really feel extremely blessed by all the love and support during the entire period, and the goodness and love of God that overtook all the challenges that we faced.

We want to thank each and every person who prayed for us so faithfully and fervently throughout the three weeks that I was in hospital. God bless all of you richly!

By Robert Dodd