No Painkillers!

One month ago, on a Saturday morning, I hurt my back while scrubbing the bathroom floor at home. Initially, I thought it was just a muscle pull and the pain would go away after some rest and application of ointment. However the pain stayed with me for a week. During the week, I could neither bend my body nor walk properly. I could feel the back pain when I tried to get up from my bed or from a sitting position. Subsequently, I went to consult my family doctor and was given 2 days medical leave and a pack of painkiller to relieve the pain. I was advised to rest in bed for 24 hours. The doctor told me that if the back did not get any better, I would be sent for an x-ray for further diagnosis. I was miserable for the entire week and missed the opportunity to participate in the week-long prayer meeting that the church organized.

I prayed to the heavenly Father for healing and refused to take the painkillers. True enough, my prayer was answered when the pain left me shortly after the cell group prayed for me during our usual lunch fellowship after the Sunday service. Praise God for His goodness and faithfulness.

by Goh Cheng Hsien