Overwhelmed and Healed in the Presence of God

On 8 September 2012, after Angela Greenig’s preaching, Pastor Yang informed the congregation that all the pastors will be forming a prayer tunnel to pray for the congregation and after we had been prayed for, we were supposed to make a swirl prophetically signifying a breakthrough and a turnaround of our life in the Lord.

I felt the strong presence of God overwhelm me as I was at the altar area. As the pastors prayed over me I began swirling. I fell onto the ground under the power of the Holy Spirit and started laughing vehemently, with tears streaming forth.

As I was lying on the ground still laughing, I felt a hand touched my wounded left shoulder and I knew instantly that I was healed! I had been suffering from pain in the left shoulder for 21 years after the birth of my daughter, and in April this year, I also suffered from an excruciating painful frozen shoulder on the same hand! I tested out my healing by attempting to lift my left arm (which was earlier locked tightly in pain for several months) while still on the floor, and I realized that there was no more pain and tightness, and I could lift my left arm high up really easily. I have been healed! All praise and glory to our great God! I am simply overwhelmed by the love and the power of our God! Jesus has healed me! Hallelujah!

by Michelle Low