Regardless of How I Feel

“I developed a sore throat after a church camp. My throat would get so itchy that sometimes I coughed till there were tears in my eyes. I went to be prayed for on Sunday for healing for my throat, standing upon the Word of God in James 5:14. When Deacon Kevin prayed for me, he said he saw the power of God flowing through my body. Though I didn’t feel anything physically (e.g. goose bumps), yet I responded in my heart to God that I am going to believe in Him and His word regardless of how I feel.

I was healed that afternoon. My throat did not give me any problem when I had my lunch and the itchiness in my throat had gone too. I had lots of “keropok” over the next few days, and I had no problem with my throat at all.”

by Abigail Lew