Stomach Pain Healed

I came down with stomach flu on Friday night with diarrhea and sharp pain in my tummy throughout the night. I was unable to take in any food or much water on the whole of Saturday. On Sunday morning, I took half an hour just to finish a small pie, with the help of anti-nauseating medication, and was very weak when I came to church. Because of the pain, I had difficulty standing straight and walking.

At the end of the Sunday service, when the altar call was given for us to stand and to ask God for breakthroughs and healing, I stood up and started praying for healing. As I prayed, I felt warmth over my tummy. During the worship song, “In Jesus’ name”, I was able to stand straight, and the pain was totally gone! After the service, I was excited to test out my healing during lunch to see if I could stomach my food, and I could! I was able to finish my portion of noodles in my usual eating speed, without any medication needed! A stark difference from just hours before the Sunday service. It usually takes me about 3-5 days to recover from stomach flu, but the Lord healed me by the 2nd day at the Sunday Service!

No more fever, no more pain, no more stomach flu. Gone in Jesus’ name! Praise the Lord!