Consolidating the Vision Part 2

“Awake and arise! Take up your positions in Christ and man your posts!” This was the closing exhortation from Pastor Kevin Koh’s bulletin article last week. I’d like to build upon some of his thoughts regarding the vision for Cornerstone and the Singapore Church. Let’s be honest. There’s much to digest and it’s vital that we’ve a streamlined understanding as to what God is doing. The following three points of interest may help to bring that needed clarity: 1. The rain prophesied over Cornerstone; 2. Singapore’s upcoming National Day; and 3. The 2018 prayer and fasting for revival.

This week, Singapore will celebrate 52 years as a nation. It’s a time to pause and reflect upon God’s goodness and favour. The miracle of Singapore has parallels with Israel in Nehemiah’s day. Both Israel and Singapore were led by men of vision and purpose. The miracle that took place under Nehemiah’s leadership was the rebuilding of the walls around the city in 52 days (Neh 6:15). This was a herculean task of epic proportions. This accomplishment established a strong foundation for what would later take place in chapter 8.

What does this mean for Cornerstone and Singapore? Do you remember the words of Dutch Sheets in October 2015? He spoke concerning the miracle of Singapore, but he went on to challenge the church to arise and prepare for the next move. In other words, it’s what we do now that will determine the effectiveness of what is to come.  

The walls and gates around the city of Jerusalem were secured. The enemy was driven out and kept out from again accessing the city. What about the gates and walls around Singapore? Are there breeches and cracks beginning to come into view? As a corporate church are we positioning ourselves as watchmen and intercessors to help secure the spiritual boundaries around this nation?

There’s considerable focus on 2018 as a year of revival in Singapore. It marks the 40th year since Billy Graham spoke of Singapore as an Antioch to the nations. Do we fully appreciate this mandate and the responsibility that comes with it? We make a mistake if we’re not currently about the work in securing the spiritual walls in and around Singapore. It’s here where the spoken prophetic rains help to give added clarity.

The Parable of the Wheat and Tares immediately came to mind when Pastor Nicky first shared about the rains over Cornerstone. The rain helps to accelerate the maturation of fruit that can be later harvested. This is the blessing and refreshing that we naturally place emphasis on and rightly so. The rain also allows the tares to come to ripeness for the purpose of harvesting. Are we willing to confront this “inconvenient truth”? It’s important that we do!

The recent men’s meeting provides a good example of this. Lee Grady prefaced his message by challenging the men to take off their “Singaporean armour”. The tares of a significant stronghold came into full view and ripeness which provided an opportunity for men to experience the axe being laid to the root (Matt 3:10). There was an acknowledging of truth resulting in many men being set free (John 8:32). This is how the walls and gates become fortified. This is a key in helping to pave the ground for what God is about to do in 2018. Are we open to this?

The Book of Nehemiah provides an added blueprint in chapter 8. It’s here where we the see the convergence of Nehemiah and Ezra the priest in their mutual ministry before the people. Ezra was schooled in the law of God and had an ability to teach it in a way that brought conviction and repentance (Ezr 7:10; Neh 8:8). The sin and tares in the lives of God’s people came to ripeness. It was in this environment where their sins were purged. It was also in this environment where the Word came forth to no longer mourn nor weep, but to allow the joy of the Lord to be their strength (Neh 8:10). It was a transition from the Feast of Atonement to Tabernacles. It’s not just another Pentecost we’re after; it’s the fullness of Tabernacles!

The above blueprint is an indicator of how we can prepare for the significant events of 2018. Let’s take this opportunity in allowing truth to radiate in our inward parts. The rebuilt and secured walls around Jerusalem provided the platform for the message of holiness and revival. This is the template we need to employ in preparation for the next mighty move of God in this nation.


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