Send The Spirit Now, For Jesus’ Sake

BLESS WALES was a transformational event that went beyond our wildest expectations. After months of praying, planning, meetings, and interacting with pastors in Wales, it culminated in three days of power encounters that revitalised many Christians in Wales.

Organised by the Bible College of Wales, in conjunction with partner churches in Wales and Cornerstone Singapore, the conference featured powerful speakers such as Ben Fitzgerald and Dr. Sam Matthews. We knew things were going to be different after the first night, which really was epic – and I don’t say that lightly.

Ben Fitzgerald was up on the pulpit to speak but, even before he could get into his message, the Holy Spirit took over and wave after wave of worship, intercession, and prophecy just flowed from the congregation, and the whole meeting took a life on its own. And it kept on going and going – gloriously. Ben discerned correctly what the Spirit was doing and didn’t interrupt the flow of the RIVER. The Holy Spirit was speaking – and we all knew when to keep quiet.

I’ve read many accounts of the great Welsh Revival in 1903-04 and that revival was essentially a singing revival – it wasn’t known for its great preaching.

Evan Roberts was a charismatic figure but he didn’t often speak. His strength was in his ability to discern which way the wind was blowing and, in service after service, the Holy Spirit just took over and worship was congregationally-led. I think that is one of the highest levels of worship – when the congregation, empowered by the Holy Spirit, takes over.

Bless Wales has given us a foretaste of what can happen here in Cornerstone and in Singapore. Our purchase of the Bible College of Wales connected us to the greater eternal purposes of God and with the Spirit of Revival, and what God is doing in Wales, He can – and will – also do in Singapore.

This powerful twinning of two cities and destinies is definitely something we’re going to see more and more of in the last days. Churches in different cities are going to be enjoined to one another prophetically, and we’ll see our collective strengths amplify.

Over the past 30 years, I’ve had the opportunity to attend lots of conferences but, I can tell you that BLESS WALES was different – we touched God. Something shifted in the atmosphere. And, without any exaggeration, we’ve received a whole lot of mail from people who have reported that they had never been to a conference like this in their lives.

One pastor even wrote to Reinhard Bonnke (because the evangelist was a former student at the Bible College of Wales) saying, “I’m just back from the 3-day Bless Wales Conference in Brangwyn Hall in Swansea last week which was organised by your Bible College of Wales. What Pastor Yang has done is quite remarkable in not only re-opening the School but also uniting the local churches and re-igniting revival prayer across Wales: the meetings were remarkable! Something is stirring in Wales again!”

The great battle cry of the Welsh Revival was, “SEND THE SPIRIT NOW, FOR JESUS’ SAKE!”, and that’s what we want to see. I believe God has given us a goodly inheritance in Wales and we must do everything we can to contend for it. But it’s not just Wales. I see other cities like Miri and Kuching opening up as well. There’s never been more opportunities than now and, if we’re willing, we’ll reap a grand harvest. And, as a prophet said in the conference, “It’s time for REAPING!”

Don’t settle for the mundane things in life. Don’t settle for second or third best. The greatest opportunities in God are just before us.


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