The Hand of God

This Father’s Day, as I reflect on my life, I’m once again reminded of the goodness and providence of God. I’m where I am now today solely by the grace and mercies of the Good Father.  The providence of God is the mysterious way in which He intersects all things to bring about His perfect plan. It’s where He sets things up and connects them in His Divine Sovereignty. Sometimes, we find ourselves lost and burdened, not knowing how to […]

The Sign of an Apostle

“I know your works, your labour, your patience… you have persevered and have patience, and have laboured for my name’s sake.” Revelation 2:2-3 When Jesus appeared to the Apostle John, before unveiling the mysteries and dramatic parts of what would become the book of Revelation, He first inspected the seven churches in Asia Minor (modern-day Turkey) to determine their health, then issued instructions and warnings as needed. One of the main things He appraised might surprise us today – He […]

The Lord Is My Keeper

“May the Lord bless you and keep you”, the familiar Aaronic Blessing in Numbers 6:24-26, is considered one of the most beautiful blessings in the Bible, and perhaps the most widely-used benediction.  The word ‘keep’ is translated as ‘shamar’ in Hebrew, and found in Genesis 3:14 where the Lord sets a ‘guard’, a cherubim and a flaming sword, at the entrance of Eden to protect the Tree of Life. It communicates the idea that God is keeping, caring for, and protecting […]

Never, Never, Never Give Up!

There’s an interesting passage in Mark 7 where Jesus walked all the way from where He was in Galilee, and northward towards Tyre and Sidon. This was Gentile territory, in what we know today as Lebanon. It was a long distance by foot. He went there and seemingly all that happened was a Syrophoenician woman, whose daughter was demon-possessed, came to Jesus and pestered Him to cast out the demon from her daughter. And the Lord completely disregarded her request. […]

The Angelic Miracles

Recently, my daughter said excitedly at the dinner table, “I think I met an angel today.” She went on to ask, “Dad, do you think it’s an angel?” I tried to hold back my theological exposition of angels and listened attentively. She shared, “I lost my way and one kind soul just pointed me to the right direction and, when I looked back to thank him, he had disappeared.” Simple or non-spectacular this may sound, I reckon this is an angelic miracle which we […]

The Morning Miracle

Last year, I faced one big challenge in our family – waking my daughter up for school. We tried threats and treats but to no avail. To make things worse, she’s as grumpy as her dad. So each morning, we find ourselves literally scrambling our way from home to her school, which is thankfully just across the street where we live. At the start of the year, a miracle happened. She woke up on her own, got ready and waited […]

Holy Spirit, Revive Us!

Our personal commitment to God is revival, and the winning of souls must be at the heart of the Christian. From the beginning, the plan for a Saviour to be born was in place. Through the crucified Christ, He purchased for Himself a body of believers who will manifest what salvation looks like. When we’re consumed by this fervent advocacy of the Good News, whether we’re planting, watering or reaping (1 Corinthians 3:6-8), God will bring forth fruit to His […]

What If You Were Twice As Courageous?

I often ask myself if I could do more for the Kingdom if I were twice as courageous. This self-questioning usually exposes my reducing the possibilities in my life to accommodate my fears. When we insulate ourselves from what we’re afraid of, we don’t feel the emotions of fear and are therefore lulled into believing we’re free from it. We rationalise our greatest fears and call it practical wisdom. Fear often masquerades as pragmatism. My first experience on a plane […]