Touch Of The Master’s Hand

I love restoring bikes. It’s something I found a passion for during the pandemic. Like many, the Covid years unearthed parts of us we never knew existed.  For me, it was the satisfaction of seeing dirt and grime busted, rusted chrome restore its shine, and something that has been devalued and left in disrepair find its true worth and purpose again. It excites me to be able to see the potential of what it could finally end up looking like […]

The Afterglow of the Spirit

What an amazing week we had during Kingdom Invasion 2016. I’m certain most of us are still in the afterglow of the Spirit; I am for sure! This is our fourth Kingdom Invasion Conference and after the last conference in 2014, I was almost certain we reached a high water mark. But KI2016 surpassed everything we accomplished in all our previous conferences. We’re building one level of glory on another. I was extremely blessed by all the speakers. They were […]