Cornerstone desires all believers in this house to grow strong in our faith by having God’s Truth establish in our lives. Come join in these classes as we get our roots growing deeper into Christ and live the life that God has intended for us!

These classes will be held on Sundays in Odeon Katong.

New Beginnings (January)

This is specifically designed to strengthen new believers who have recently made a decision to follow Christ, and those who are going for water baptism.

These topics will be covered:
1. Assurance of Salvation
2. Baptisms
3.Spiritual Disciplines
4. Fellowship and walking in victory

Water Baptism (Apr, July, Oct)

One of the most significant milestones in a believer’s walk with God is water baptism. Baptism is one of the foundational stones of our faith mentioned in Hebrews 6. It is a public declaration of our personal decision to make Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour.

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Elementary Truths  

Elementary Truths is an expository study on the 6 basic principles of Christ found in Hebrews 6:1-2. Every believer who desires to go on to maturity (perfection) must lay the right foundation. This will help us establish a strong walk with God through the storms of life. 

Principles of Faith (June)

Faith is an important Christian life, without which it is impossible to please God or to receive anything from Him. A life of faith is essential, because everything in our spiritual life stems from faith.

Course dates: 6, 13, 20, 27 June (Sat)
Time: 10am

Journey of Israel (November)

The Journey of Israel is a study on the pilgrimage that the Children of Israel took from Egypt to Mount Zion, This historical record is synonymous to our life in Christ and gives us spiritual insights as to how we can conquer our enemies from within and without to enter into spiritual Mount Zion where we are called to enter into God’s perfect rest.

The life of a Christian is built on the foundation of the Word of God. Our Training and Equipping (T&E) classes are designed to equip and navigate you through the different seasons of life. From our 100 series for the new believer to our 600 series for leadership training, there’s something at every stage of your walk with Christ to help you hit the high call of God! (Philippians 3:14)

T&E 2020 Online

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Please Note
• Our classes are taken completely online.
• You will need a computer and a strong internet connection.
• Zoom is the video conferencing tool we will use. It works a lot like Google Hangouts or Skype.
• We will provide a link to the session via email 24 hours in advance – keep an eye on your inbox.

Course Dates: 12 May (Tues)
Time: 7.30pm

As we are living in increasingly uncertain times, good money management is critical for us to thrive in every season we go through. What are the heart attitudes that guide your money decisions? How can we handle our finances in a responsible and God-honouring manner? Find your answers to these questions as we introduce you to the Bible’s view of money and how it differs from the world’s. This course will help participants understand their role as financial stewards in this world.
Course Dates: 19 & 26 May (Tues)
Time: 7.30pm

This second part of the financial stewardship series caters to those who are navigating financial difficulties or would like to be equipped with practical tools to manage their personal finances. From a Biblical standpoint, participants will learn about decision making in financial matters, budgeting, debt, investing, saving for retirement, and considerations in the preparation of a will or an inheritance.

*Pre-requisites for this course: Completion of Part 1 of Financial Stewardship 1 or acquired basic knowledge on Financial Stewardship.
Course Dates: 14, 21, 28 May, 4 June (Thurs)
Time: 7.30pm

Are you hungry to dig deeper in the Word but unsure how to begin? Studying the Bible is more than just reading it, and there is so much treasure to be uncovered when we search the scriptures for ourselves! We will only grow and mature as Christians if we devote time to deepen our understanding of the Word so that we may apply it. This course will equip you to correctly handle the Word of God by introducing you to various tools for studying the world’s bestseller. Discover the joy of studying the Bible as you explore the scriptures with us in this class.

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