The Cornerstone Story

ps-yang-ps-daphne-tallerIt was in 1989 when Pastor Yang and his wife, Daphne, together with a small band of young pioneers, sensed what they knew to be leadings from the Holy Spirit to start a new congregation.

A year later, by faith, they emerged from Marine Parade Christian Centre and started Bedok Christian Centre, under the umbrella of the Diocese of Singapore. From the birth of the vision, it was evident that God had called us to love and know Him first of all, and then give ourselves totally to the end-time harvest, with the mind of raising, training and sending out labourers into the nations in obedience to the Great Commission.

On January 1, 1994, again, under the leading of the Holy Spirit, we changed our name Bedok Christian Centre to Cornerstone Community Church, to better reflect the growing diversity and ministry of the congregation. On June 2, 1995, to further facilitate the spiritual calling of the church, Cornerstone became an independent Charismatic Church and we began a new chapter in our journey.

On July 16, 2000, we became officially affiliated with Zion Ministerial Fellowship Inc., a ministerial fellowship based in Waverly, New York, led by Dr. Brian Bailey, who would eventually play a huge role in Cornerstone.

In 2012, we had the privilege of redeeming the iconic Bible College of Wales and the Pisgah Chapel in Swansea, Wales, a college that well-known intercessor, Mr. Rees Howells, established in 1927. 85 years exactly, on Whit Monday, the college was re-inaugurated in a historic meeting. Today, the College runs the School of Ministry in the Spring and Fall of each year. Students from 38 different nations have passed through our doors. Cornerstone also had the honour of redeeming the Pisgah Chapel in Loughor, which played a major role in the Welsh Revival of 1904/05.

In 2008, we started the Cornerstone Pastors Network Summit, where pastors from various nations who were associated to CSCC came together for a network conference. In 2012, we renamed the summit and officially launched the Cornerstone Global Network. The network is a spiritual family of ministers, churches, bible schools, orphanages, and schools around the globe, with a common vision to come together in unity and see the Kingdom of God built in every nation. To-date, we have churches and ministries in 23 nations.

In 2012, the Church launched the first in a series of conferences known as ‘Kingdom Invasion’, an initiative to see transformation in the nations through preaching the gospel, teaching, performing signs and wonders and doing good works. Crowds up to 8,000 people would regularly pack the venue. 2016 marked a shift in direction as ‘Kingdom Invasion’ was brought to the nations, beginning first with Santiago, Philippines and then Islamabad, Pakistan, the following year. In 2018, we conducted Bless Mauritius that saw great result in the island.

Cornerstone is a unique global community of people, with a unique tribal anointing that serves as a plumb line, and a prophetic voice to the nations. We continue to walk in our God-given mandate to be a missions-focused church and to make disciples of all nations.