Missions In Our Hearts

Our global network of pastors met this week in Johor Bahru for our Annual Summit. This is a time when all our key pastors from the nations come together for a time of recalibration, refreshing and fellowship. All in all, we had 65 pastors coming together from 16 nations. It was amazing to hear the stories and testimonies from different pastors, and to realise the impact we’re making as a network of churches, in reaching the lost, feeding the poor, setting captives free, and also discipling and releasing believers into the nations.

As I reflect on the time we had together this week with the pastors, a few thoughts come to mind:

When Pastor Yang and Pastor Daphne started the church years ago, the Lord spoke to them specifically that Cornerstone should have a strong focus on missions. It’s amazing how over the years, God has not only opened doors for us in the nations, but the people who have joined the church have a strong fervor towards missions. Nonetheless, this is something we must constantly keep on the forefront of what we do here in Cornerstone.

As it stands currently, we’ve a very successful short-term missions programme that sends out hundreds of our church members to the nations. This is something that we must continue to maintain and keep up. Going on a mission trip keeps us in touch with the realities on the ground and in turn spurs us to pray and to give as well. While it’s wonderful to see the pictures of our work in the nations, there’s nothing like being there with the people to love and stand with them.

Make a commitment to go on a mission trip.

One of our objectives in the Summit was to bring the pastors together annually to refresh and encourage them. As I interacted with them, the one thing I realised was the intensity of spiritual warfare that they were constantly under. Many of them operate in environments that are dangerous and often hostile towards Christianity. They’ve to tread a thin line in expanding the Kingdom of God and yet stay under the radar. The journey of ministry is also very lonely and the pastors look for fellowship and others whom they can share and relate to.

While we might not be in a position to help them tangibly, we need to realise that we must pray for them. It’s so important that we build a prayer shield around them and their families. The Lord Himself taught us that if you strike the shepherd, the sheep will scatter. That’s why we need to commit ourselves to pray for our pastors in the nations.
Make a commitment to pray.

During the Summit, as I saw the incredible work that the pastors were doing, I felt the challenge to likewise rise to the occasion in the fields that God has called me to. While it’s important for us to go on mission trips, it’s equally important not to neglect the fields and the work that we’re entrusted with here in Singapore.

Singapore might be affluent and may not lack the basic needs that many other nations do, there are equally as many unsaved people here as there are in the nations. God has made each of us ambassadors of Christ, and He’s placed us in environments where there are hurting and needy people. The Lord’s instructions to us is always to begin in our Jerusalem and this we must not neglect.

Make evangelism a priority.

May the Lord bless you and stir your hearts in this.


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