The Times We Are Living In

We’re living in tumultuous times. At the heart of what God is doing now, we see two great polarising dynamics – the greatest revival ever seen in human history, and the most intense acceleration of darkness. 

The unique circumstances connected to both dynamics make for a season of great change. This generation has got our work cut out for us in navigating a polarised climate.

Our ignorance of what the Scripture says about what God is about to do causes us to have an impaired perspective and make wrong decisions. If we lack understanding of what’s happening in our times, we’re more likely to yield to fear, offence, confusion, compromise, and deception. 

I was looking at recent developments in the cultural climate in Singapore and elsewhere, and immediately felt overwhelmed and discouraged. I had to take a step back to get some perspective. 

Scriptures tell us that ‘when the nations rage and the people plot a vain thing, when the kings of the earth set themselves against the Lord, He who sits in the heavens shall laugh.’ It also says that ‘the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea’ and that ‘of the increase of His government and peace there will be no end.’ 

Many will be fearful, offended, deceived or confused by the world’s narrative of the negative trends escalating in the nations now. People see what’s happening and become afraid but, when we connect to Jesus’ heart and trust His excellent leadership – in history and our own lives – we’re strengthened to trust Him in the midst of trouble. 

Gaining understanding about God’s end-time purposes and the unique circumstances as we near the Second Coming of Jesus will equip us to inform others about the Lord’s plan so they can avoid confusion.

One reason why the Jewish people missed the coming of the Messiah was because they misunderstood the times. They didn’t understand there was a First and Second Coming of Jesus. They read prophecies about the suffering Messiah and the coming King and couldn’t fit them into their grid of understanding.

The Lord likened that generation to one who did not rejoice and dance when the flute was playing a happy song. They didn’t mourn when a dirge was played. They didn’t understand the times and what Israel ought to do, and so they did the wrong thing in the wrong time.

God raised up a forerunner in the form of John the Baptist who went ahead of Jesus to prepare the unprepared for His coming amidst the unique dynamics of that time. John functioned in the power of the Spirit as a foreshadow of what was about to be released.

I believe, in our generation, the Lord is raising many forerunners to prepare people all over the world for what God is about to do in these unique times. He’s raising men and women in different fields, with different giftings and callings. 

Some will confound the wise in universities, the marketplace, arts and media. Others will function as pastors, teachers, evangelists, and prophets. Still others will be a voice in sports and popular culture to prepare us for the greatest revival ever.

Forerunners live mindful of the coming dynamics surrounding Christ’s return. Their lifestyle involves living differently from the status quo, sacrifice, and facing rejection from the mainstream.

What are the times we’re living in now and what are we supposed to be doing? We’re to gather during the harvest and ask for rain. 

The Bible exhorts us time and again to do what the season requires of us. This season of great change is also one of greatest opportunity for the Body of Christ.

Eric Hoffer, a 20th century American author and philosopher, said, “In times of change learners inherit the earth; while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.”

We must break into new dimensions in the Spirit, renew our divine paradigms, receive creative strategies, perspectives, mindsets, and innovations. It’s time to see what we’ve never seen before so we can do what we’ve not done before.

So, in this time of great change and instability, make the Lord your greatest delight, pursue intimacy with Him; learn to hear His voice, grow in the Word. Press into the Kingdom and grow in the Spirit’s gifts and power. 

Prepare for the return of the King while winning the lost, healing the sick, and making disciples. Walking in power now will prepare us for the coming great revival and outpouring of God’s Spirit.


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