Stop Pretending

Recently, as I was reading the Book of Acts, the Lord began speaking to me in a very real and deep way. It was liberating but I felt the Fear of God in me at the same time. The Early Church was known for its exponential growth and power, but, did you realise that it was often messy too? Acts 4 revealed that the spirit of generosity was a public testimony. A disciple, Barnabas, was touched by the Lord and […]

The Hand of God

This Father’s Day, as I reflect on my life, I’m once again reminded of the goodness and providence of God. I’m where I am now today solely by the grace and mercies of the Good Father.  The providence of God is the mysterious way in which He intersects all things to bring about His perfect plan. It’s where He sets things up and connects them in His Divine Sovereignty. Sometimes, we find ourselves lost and burdened, not knowing how to […]

Is He Useful or Worthy?

At our first Revival and Healing service in March, I remember approaching God’s Presence with great expectation, yet having a weighty issue at the back of my mind as I worshipped. I was hoping that one of our ministry team would release a word of knowledge that would speak directly to my situation. But, as we lingered in worship, the Lord spoke clearly to me and asked, “Are you drawing near because I’m useful or because you love Me?” “Am […]

The Best and Worst of Times

In 1859, Charles Dickens wrote the novel ‘A Tale of Two Cities’, and began with these contrasting words: ‘It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredibility, it was the season of light, it was the season of darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair.’ He was […]

What If I’m Bored?

I remember years ago I was at the front of the auditorium after service at our prayer for healing segment when a lady came up for prayer. She sighed and looked listless. She said, “I’m bored.” I was like, “Excuse me?” She repeated, “I’m really bored I don’t know what to do any more.” What’s interesting was that Pastor Yang was preaching about the glory of God in that service and almost everyone was on the ground sobbing. She said […]

Journeying with the Word

As we start on a fresh page this new year, I believe many of us have wrapped up our #365 journey in 2021. It’s been a joy reading the personal insights, and seeing the notes made by various church members. What an encouragement to see an increasing hunger for the Word of God! Wolves thrive because there’s biblical illiteracy in the Church. We’re not called to be experts in what’s wrong, but we need to be very certain of what’s […]

No Formula

I met a church member earlier this year who asked for counsel regarding a particular situation. I shared with him what I felt the Lord was saying, and he looked at me and remarked, “Why is your counsel different for Person B even though we’re in the same situation?” To which I simply replied, “Because our journey with the Lord is not about a formula, but a relationship.” I do agree that many times I find myself wishing I had […]

Why Should We Believe Too?

There was a young preacher who just graduated from seminary. He was about to preach his first sermon on the subject of parenting so he entitled it ‘10 Commandments of Parenting’. A few years later, he got married, had his first child, understood a little bit about the difficulties of parenting. He preached the sermon again but re-titled it ‘The 10 Suggestions for Parenting’. After his second child, he preached this again, and the title became ‘10 Hints on Parenting’. […]

We Know The End Of The Story

I was reading a book by a journalist, an Ivy League student raised in a secular environment, who chose to go ‘undercover’ at a private Christian college. The book is quite funny and interesting. The author’s experiences at the college did not convert him, but instead gave him a better understanding on the Christian’s worldview. The author sought to enrol in as many core classes as he could at the college. These included Old and New Testament studies, Evangelism 101, […]

I’d Rather Have A Buffet!

One of the most popular verses in Ecclesiastes is in chapter 3, where it talks about the different seasons in life and a time for every matter under heaven. The first thing that caught my attention was two key points: 1) Everything 2) Has a season. The entire chapter reveals a time to be born; to die; to plant, and to pluck up what is planted; to kill, and to heal; to break down, and to build up, etc. This […]