The Cornerstone Mandarin Congregation (房角石华文部) has been established for over 19 years. It began as we saw the need to reach out to many of our member’s Mandarin-speaking family members who have yet to know the Lord. At the same time, God also brought men and women from various provinces, towns and cities from China into our midst, giving us the opportunity to disciple them. It was this burden of love that God deposited into our hearts that propelled us to start the Chinese Ministry. Our outreach brings us regularly into hostels to befriend those from China, introduce Jesus to them, and to present them with the opportunity to begin a new life with Him!

In recent years, God has also miraculously opened many doors for us to build relationships with fellow students of our Chinese members. We now have a growing group of youths meeting every Saturday, being discipled and enjoying the blessings of the family of God in a vibrant atmosphere!

Service Times

Thursday / 7:30pm
Sunday / 2:15pm

Children’s Church
Sunday / 2:15pm

Odeon Katong / #02-27 (T1)
Cornerstone Auditorium / Level 3


Odeon Katong / #02-01/02


Pastor Samuel Wong

Translation headsets to English will be available only at Sunday’s Service.

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每个事工的开始都是因为有一个特定的需要,而每个需要都有神的供应。十九年前,我们看到了一个需要。当时我们教会当中有许多青年的父母亲尚未信耶稣。同时, 神也将中国各方各省的人带到我们当中,给予我们机会来栽培这群国外的朋友。因着神的爱,也为了要向我们的父母亲和来自中国的朋友们分享耶稣的大爱,我们创 办了华文部。我们按时到宿舍去结交来自中国的朋友,让他们认识耶稣并且让有机会在基督里开始崭新的生命。

近年来,上帝为我们开启新的一道门。我们当中的中国学生向他们的同学们介绍了房角石这个大家庭。 我们不仅见证了到神的爱如何感动父母亲那一代,也看到这份爱在中国青年当中运作。现在,这一群青年在每星期六都有固定的团契,一起被栽培,也一起享受身为 神家庭的一份子所带来的祝福.



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