To Know Him And Make Him Known

Of all the ministry slogans I’ve heard, my favourite must be YWAM’s ‘To Know God And Make Him Known’. We need to know Him so as to share His love for people. The question is, do we really know Him? And what does it mean to know Jesus? Personally, there’s been a fresh hunger and renewed passion in my heart to know Jesus like never before. To fall in love with Him all over again. In two weeks, I watched 3 seasons […]

The Pilgrim Way

(Abraham) dwelt in the land of promise as in a foreign country, dwelling in tents with Isaac and Jacob… they were strangers and pilgrims on the earth. Hebrews 11:9,13 The father of our faith was a nomad. When he chose to leave the land of his fathers, he had to leave lots of stuff behind. How many things could he carry with him on those camels? It’s doubtful his tents had much closet space!  Those who follow the footsteps of […]

The Year Of Only Jesus!

I recently read an article posted by about a Twitter thread from Beth Moore, in which she apologised on behalf of our generation for doing a great disservice to the younger generation. She ruefully regretted that it had been on our watch that the Platform culture and Christian Celebrity culture had successfully infiltrated the Church. I couldn’t have been more proud of this anointed woman of God. It had taken one honest, fearless woman to finally address the elephant […]

Christmas Was The Ultimate Spiritual Breakthrough

Have you ever prayed for something for a really long time, with no evidence of an answer? George Mueller, a British man who fed hundreds of orphans in the 1800s, prayed every day for the salvation of five men. The first man was converted after 18 months, and the second surrendered to Jesus after five more years. The third man gave his life to Christ after Mueller had prayed for six more years. The last two men were still not […]

Mary’s Christmas

In the lead up to perhaps one of the most celebrated festivities of the year, let’s take a relook at Christmas. Granted that Jesus is the reason for this season, we now turn the spotlight on the one through whom it happened – Mary. Can you imagine if Mary had refused to cooperate with angel Gabriel’s heavenly directive? Think about it. Here’s this carefree teenager excitedly planning and awaiting her marriage to the brawny, bearded carpenter she’s been betrothed to, […]

The Measure of Significance

We live in a society that promotes self-grandeur and instant gratification through social media, TV ads, and billboards in almost every space possible. Have you ever looked at an advert so many times that you start thinking, “I really need that product, and I need to get it now before it’s gone.”  But, after buying it, you realise you didn’t really need it. What happened is you’ve fallen into the trap of confused or impulse spending. Or perhaps you entertain […]

Not Sympathy, But Faith!

Have you struggled with how God had let you down? Where was He when you needed Him? When everything kept disintegrating, why did it seem like it didn’t matter what you did? Maybe something as simple as buying petrol is stressful as prices keep rising. Things aren’t as they should be, life isn’t as stable as before when you thought the insurance was forthcoming.  ‘Jesus turning to them, said, “Daughters of Jerusalem, do not weep for Me, but weep for […]

Is He Useful or Worthy?

At our first Revival and Healing service in March, I remember approaching God’s Presence with great expectation, yet having a weighty issue at the back of my mind as I worshipped. I was hoping that one of our ministry team would release a word of knowledge that would speak directly to my situation. But, as we lingered in worship, the Lord spoke clearly to me and asked, “Are you drawing near because I’m useful or because you love Me?” “Am […]

Follow The Finisher

During this Holy Week, Christians across the globe reflect on the Cross and the Resurrection of Christ while the Jewish community observes the pesach, which is the Feast of Passover, on Friday. On a more personal note, I set aside time yearly to read and reflect on the account of Jesus’ suffering and crucifixion in the Synoptic Gospels. During my reflection, I was astonished by three simple and final words of Jesus, “It is finished.” John 19:30 Our Saviour was on the Cross for about six […]

Question and Answer

It’s funny how, after 2,000 years, there are things that happened in the days of Jesus that continue today. Of course, the form in which these things happened may have changed somewhat but the essence remains the same. Take Matthew 22:15-48 for example – in today’s vernacular, this would be a ‘Q&A’ session. I’m quite certain that Jesus would’ve been confronted by many questions during His ministry. I assume the bulk of these would actually be requests – “Do this for […]